Possible Poa

This is a list of the Poaceae that are common on the Black Canyon. Links are to pictures to help us identify those that we see in the field.

Achnatherum hymenoides Indian ricegrass Tribe Stipeae

Agrostis gigantea Redtop Tribe Aveneae

Anisantha tectorum Cheatgrass Tribe Bromaea

Bromopsis inermis Hungarian Brome Tribe Bromaea

Chondrosum gracile Blue grama Tribe Cynodonteae

Elymus elymoides Squirreltail  Tribe Triticeae

Hesperostipa comata Needle and thread Tribe Stipeae

Koeleria macrantha Junegrass Tribe Aveneae

Pascopyrum smithii Western wheatgrass Tribe: Triticaceae

Phalaroides arundinacea Reed canary grass Tribe Aveneae

Poa fendleriana Muttongrass Tribe Poaeae

Poa secunda Sandberg’s bluegrass Tribe Poaeae


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